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    DANU THE MOTHER GODDESS Fresh handtied bouquet - just like the motherly goddess of the land and water, and a progenitor of all life. She has strong associations with fruitfulness and fertility. She is a nurturing presence, but with an assertive side that makes her a leader and a warrior. In many ways she is very similar to Brigid, another motherly goddess from Irish mythology.


    These blooms are filled with the most deep, bright and light giving luxurious blooms, from lavender rose, marsala dianthus, coral sprays, limilioum angels wings, clematis, dried miscanthus grass, peacock feather and our local Irish grown eucalyptus, to name but a few. Sent in the bud and waiting to bloom, these flowers reflect the dark and light beautifully and will be the perfect gift to anyone that appreciates good flowers.  

    30 stems including - lavender rose, marsala dianthuscoral sprays, limilioum angels wings, clematis, dried miscanthus grass, peacock feather and our local Irish grown eucalyptus, to name but a few...


    Carefully selected blooms, packed with care and sent with love - ready to be displayed. Gift boxed and delivered by hand with a personalised greeting card.  

    Although there are some modern tales of Danu’s deeds, there are very few stories from antiquity about Danu that have been recorded. However, her importance and impact are still felt in Ireland today, and there are various sites that have been named after her. The most notable example of her presence being the two hills known as the Paps of Anu in county Kerry, which look like a woman’s breasts and are seen to represent abundance and nourishment of the land. Danu is also associated heavily with water and rivers, as they are the vessels that water the land.


    The mystery of Danu is one that will continue to capture the imaginations of people for years to come, as they wonder what this great and powerful goddess was like and what she meant to the famous tribe that followed her.


    Currently, we are working around the clock to get the very best blooms for you. At the moment we are working in a new supplier landscape and on occasion are facing supply issues for some of the stems, due to the growers and some supply and demand fluctuations. This means that on occasion we may need to swap out blooms in your chosen bouquet. If this happens, we will always send something similar as beautiful and of equal or greater value, we promise boxes of joy and nothing else.


    Nationwide delivery available.