New Sustainability

"When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."

Alexander Den Heijer

Flowers are the soul of the earth. When we take from the earth, it is important that we give a little soul back to our soil.

Passion, creativity and innovation are right at the core of what we do. We work tirelessly to make ethical and sustainable decisions to keep our planet happy, healthy and buoyant.

New Moon Bloom’s is an Irish ethical, no single use plastic and fair-trade florist.


We work with Irish growers who for generations have sculpted and preserved Ireland’s floral identity. By working with Irish growers, we reduce environmental impact as well as support Irish businesses and legacies.


When we need to go further afield, we work with fair-trade growers. When we support our growers in third world countries, we help them develop communities, employment and fund water and forestry programmes. Sharon & Stephen volunteered on a water and housing project in Africa and having witnessed the devastation, they saw a potential way to give back.

When you subscribe to Moon Bloom’s you are giving back and supporting the environment.

We plant a tree for every subscription bouquet purchased. We can’t begin to explain how important it is to put back in what we take out. We work with reforestation programmes across the globe.

Join us on our sustainability journey, shop local, buy ethically and reduce carbon impact.