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    Designed and inspired with the magical water energy of the mythical Selkie Woman in full flow. To read more on the Selkie see the story below. 

    This bespoke large natural dried floral piece is created and made to order, so the flow, shape and structure of each piece is unique. The colour palette is a collection of the most refreshing marine blues, aqua & mint greens and natural cream coloured stems, like a swirling sea and dancing sea foam. The wilds of the natural branches really do bring the arrangement to life and you can envision that magical underwater life where the selkie do roam. All natural stems, plastic free & ready for you to display.  This beauty is sure to add a bridge yet muted pop to any interior space.   

    This is a generous sized piece - Dimensions are approx. 70cm tall and 30 cm wide. Luxurious hand blown Green Sea Glass Vase, it's a substantial one and it's a good weight for a staircase or hallway.

    Please note the ingredients the designer chooses may vary as each arrangement is made with bespoke for you, our designer chooses her stems with the following in mind by shape, style, colour balance and energy of the piece. As such all of these elements can vary. 

    Carefully selected blooms, packed with care, and sent with love. Delivered with a personalised greeting card.

    Nationwide delivery available.