Buying Irish has never been as important. As we pause and take stock due to the global pandemic, it really make us value our local businesses so much more.


New Mon Bloom’s made in Ireland with Love

When you buy or subscribe to New Moon Bloom’s, you are supporting Ireland’s very own growers who are the unsung heroes of Ireland’s floral story. Generation upon generations have sculpted and preserved Ireland’s floral identity. When we continue to shop with Irish growers, we keep a legacy of our eight generations alive.

Buying Irish doesn’t stop with our growers, as an Irish company ourselves, we look to Ireland first and foremost to source our business materials and services. We champion Irish suppliers as well as provide employment.

We feel strongly about giving back within Ireland, for every bouquet purchased through our subscription flower club, we donate €1 from your purchase to Women’s Aid Ireland who carry out crucial work within our communities.

By supporting us, we support Ireland.