The NEW MOON BLOOMS team is fully dedicated to overcome this crisis and maintain our delivery whenever it is possible. We are currently in a fluid situation where we are currently monitoring events closely. Should circumstances change significantly we will issue further updates.

With Covid-19’s reach and development now nationwide, The NEW MOON BLOOMS team has a role to play in slowing down the progress of the Coronavirus.

At  NEW MOON BLOOMS team, we have been monitoring the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation closely and following the advice issued by Irish Government and the HSE.

We have ensured that a number of precautionary steps are in place to protect both our people and the service we provide to our customers.

These measures include:

 A clear travel ban policy for all our people in line with the latest guidelines     given by NEPHET and the HSE

Widespread communication to all our staff on the importance of basic          hygiene protocol based on the recommendations of the HSE, with a          particular focus on hand hygiene.

In the event of a suspected Covid-19 case in our workforce, we will adhere to the guidelines issued by the HSE.

Due to specific national/local sanitary conditions, specific collection & delivery processes can be put in place locally in some areas.

Due to shops closing & containment in some counties, normal quality service is not always possible, sometimes with significant delays.

If you have question please do not hesitate to contact us