At New Moon Blooms, we believe in Good Flower Karma. That’s why we pride ourselves in being an Irish ethical source of flowers.

We are proud to work with certified fair trade farmers in Kenya. When we work with our fair trade farms, we support the development of communities, economies and independence.

Floriculture is the primary source of finance for this region and as we continue to support, they continue to grow. This growth is not only beneficial to this region but it supports surrounding communities and ecology.

Our fair trade partners and committees promote sustainability, in many ways such as dedicated irrigation projects to nourish the land, non-use of pesticides and adopting thermal energy heating water. All of this effort benefits biodiversity and gives precious wild species a place to call home.

Education is a key priority for us when we choose our partners. Having worked with eighth generation growers here in Ireland, we see the importance of education and passing knowledge to the next generation. By supporting educational projects on farms and in schools, our fair trade farmers can build a better world. The funding from the purchases we make go towards so much more. There are medical and housing projects funded by the committees every year.