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    Comes with a White Pot 

    This dried and preserved arrangement with no fuss and no maintenance, these ladies can go the distance and last up to two years.

    The mermaids garden of dreams helping to create vibrant energy within your home. These bright colours are the perfect duo of strength with a touch of feminine. This flowing piece is the perfect addition to any room in need of colourful inspiration. It's vibrant tones create a bold element while leaving admires in awe of its beauty, invoking memories of lush, flowing, idyllic coral bed floors.

    Please note we adore flowers and making pretty things. We design our products all by hand and individually. We design from the heart and not with a ruler in hand. Thank you all, for your love of flowers and design.  This piece is approximately  40/45cm cm tall and width is 25/35cm -Please note these sizes may vary by 25% - but the same value and number of stems is always used in each piece. Making your piece 100% original, made by hand and with love. 

    Pampas , Asparagus, Fern, Ruscus, Gypsophila, Miscanthus, Fountain Grass.

    Please note, ingredients may vary-  each arrangement is made bespoke for you, our designer chooses by shape, style, energy of the piece and they always vary.

    Nationwide delivery available.