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    Designed and inspired with the heart energy of the goddess Ériu in full flow. To read more Ériu see the story from www.talesfromthewood.ie below. 

    This bespoke dried floral piece is created and made to order, so the flow, shape and structure of each piece is unique. The colour palette is all the wonder of the irish land sunset mixed greens in sages, mints & hunter mixed with the, softest nudes and creams, with just a hint of rusts. This beauty is sure to add warmth and lightness to any interior space.   

    This is a generous sized piece - Dimensions are approx. 60-70 cm tall and 30 cm wide. Luxurious handmade green glass textured vase.

    Please note the ingredients the designer chooses may vary as each arrangement is made with bespoke for you, our designer chooses her stems with the following in mind by shape, style, colour balance and energy of the piece. As such all of these elements can vary. 

    Carefully selected blooms, packed with care, and sent with love. Delivered with a personalised greeting card.

    Nationwide delivery available. 

    The Goddess Ériu, word written by Shelly from Tales from the Woods. Ériu who shares her name with the Island of Ireland itself (Éire is the modern Irish word for Ireland), is one of the most famous of all the old Irish mythological gods.

    Ériu is seen as the goddess of Irish sovereignty, and is a matronly figure associated with the abundance of the land. Throughout the centuries she has often been used as a personification of Ireland itself, and has appeared in many tales and paintings depicting the country as such.

    Ériu in Mythology

    Most of Ériu’s stories in the mythology take place around the time of the Milesian invasion. She was said to have been the wife of Mac Gréine, who was a grandson of the Daghdha and who’s name literally means ‘son of the sun’.

    She is thought to have been the lover of Lugh, and also of the Fomorian King Elatha, with whom she has a son named Bres. Bres went on to be the King of the Tuatha Dé Danann after the former King Nuada had to step down. But he was deeply unpopular and as soon as he was fit, Nuada became the King once more and removed Bres from the position.

    Ériu was one of three sisters along with Banba and Fótla. When the Milesians arrived on the shores of Ireland, each of the sisters asked that the land be named after her. Ériu met the Milesian chiefs at her domain on the sacred Hill of Uisneach, and promised that she would bless their mission if they honoured the land with her name. The Druid Amergin White-knee swore on her behalf that it would happen, and so impressed were the Milesians that they agreed to name the country after her. Though Banba and Fótla have also been used poetically over the centuries to describe Ireland.