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    Designed and inspired with the healing energy of the goddess Airimid in full flow. To read more on Airimid see the story from www.talesfromthewood.ie below. 

    This bespoke dried floral piece is created and made to order, so the flow, shape and structure of each piece is unique. The colour palette is all the wonder of blush roses, softest nudes and creams, with just a hint of deeper roses.  

    This is a generous sized piece - Dimensions are approx. 60-70 cm tall and 30 cm wide. Luxurious handmade glass textured vase in A WHITE POT.

    Please note the ingredients the designer chooses may vary as each arrangement is made with bespoke for you, our designer chooses her stems with the following in mind by shape, style, colour balance and energy of the piece. As such all of these elements can vary. 

    Carefully selected blooms, packed with care, and sent with love. Delivered with a personalised greeting card.

    Nationwide delivery available. 

    Story of Airimid written by Shelly - Tales From the Woods 

    The beautiful Airmid is the Irish Goddess of Healing Arts, particularly associated with herbal healing. She is one of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the ancient mythological race of magical beings. She is also associated with gardening, nature, family and loyalty.

    The most famous story of Airmid takes place after her brother Miach was slain by her father Dian Cécht. After this, Airmid went to Miach’s grave to grieve. As she wept her tears watered the earth and all of the healing herbs of the world grew from the burial mound. There were 365 in total, one for each of his sinews and joints.

    As Airmed collected them, they spoke to her and told her all of their healing powers. She laid them out on her cloak in combinations that could cure every ailment on earth. Because of this, no human knows the secrets of healing herbs. This knowledge remains with Airmid, including the secret of how to use herbs to achieve immortality.

    For modern practitioners, Airmid is associated with healing, herbs, gardening, family, loyalty, magic and strained relationships. She is often represented by a mortar and pestle, dried herbs, wells and water.