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    The Zodiac our monthly changing hand-tied or letterbox blooms - filled with all the bright beautiful flowers of the season, delivered straight to your door. Please note our letterbox flowers arrive sleeping and ready to be arranged and get your floral skills on.

    The Gemini season is all about how we communicate with others, the way we think in general and building relationships. It's the perfect season for innovation, socialisation, fun, writing, learning and change.

    Gemini Traits - Gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas.

    21 stems including - Roses, Carnation flowers, Snap dragons, wax flower eucalyptus and 


    Carefully selected blooms, packed with care, and sent with love - ready to get your florist skills on, how to arrange video code is included in all boxes. 

    Nationwide delivery available with a personalised gift card including your message and gift box. 

    Currently, we are working around the clock to get the very best blooms for you. At the moment we are working in a new landscape and on occasion are facing supply issues for some of the stems, due to the growers and some supply and demand fluctuations. This means that on occasion we may need to swap out blooms in your chosen bouquet. If this happens, we will always send something similar as beautiful and of equal or greater value, we promise boxes of joy and nothing else.